After Hours

The Gables Cinema presents the best films you never saw on the big screen (or maybe you did) from late-night cult classics to foreign favorites and even summer blockbusters every Saturday at 11:30 pm. Tickets include a free popcorn and happy hour. Please note that unclaimed pre-ordered tickets will be sold to the waitline 30 mins after showtime.

The Shining

Saturday, 10/28 at 11:30 pm

A chilling tale of extreme isolation.

In Bruges

Saturday, 11/4 at 11:30 pm

Waiting for Godot with Irish hit-men, Catholic guilt, and the foulest mouths ever heard.

Baby Driver

Friday, 11/10 & Saturday, 11/11 at 11:30 pm

The summer’s most fun film – on 35mm.

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Black Dynamite

Saturday, 11/18 at 11:30 pm

Get on up and check the scene of the smoothest, baddest mother to ever hit the big screen!

Ichi the Killer

Saturday, 11/25 at 11:30 pm

Takashi Miike’s infamous sadomasochistic take on the yakuza genre.

The Room

Saturday, 12/2 at 11:30 pm

A film so bad it’s…well, see for yourself!