Movies We Love! Selected by Steven Krams & Mitchell Kaplan

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Sunday, June 25

A powerful tale that explores how a Deaf man finds purpose in helping socially marginalized individuals in the American South, but struggles to confront his own pain in this Oscar-nominated drama.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Sunday, July 30

Luke Skywalker is thrust into a galaxy of adventure and intrigue when he unwittingly intercepts a distress call from the captive Princess Leia, launching him on a daring mission to rescue her from the clutches of Darth Vader and the evil Galactic Empire.

Fanny and Alexander

Sunday, August 27

Legendary director Ingmar Bergman’s warmest and most autobiographical film, a four-time Academy Award–winning triumph that combines his trademark melancholy and emotional intensity with immense joy and sensuality.

Ship of Fools

Sunday, September 3

Stanley Kramer's star-studded, Academy Award®-winning adaptation of Katherine Anne Porter's novel about passengers aboard an ocean liner bound to Germany from Mexico in 1933 forms a potent allegory of a world drifting inexorably towards war.

The Graduate

Sunday, October 29

Ben Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), fresh out of college and disillusioned with life, finds himself stuck between his older lover, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), and her daughter (Katharine Ross).

Swing Time

Sunday, November 26

A talented dancer and gambler, Lucky Garnett must make $25,000 to win back his fiancée, but his plans are derailed when he falls in love with a beautiful dance instructor in New York City.

The French Connection

Sunday, December 3

Based on a true story, this action-filled thriller, with its iconic chase scene, won five Academy Awards® including Best Picture and Best Actor for Gene Hackman.

12 Angry Men

Sunday, January 7

Sidney Lumet transitioned to the big screen and created a masterpiece of nail-biting suspense and moral purpose.

Love and Death

Sunday, February 4

Woody Allen invades the spirit of Tolstoy in this hilarious spoof of 18th Century Russia, when Napoleon is preoccupied with perfecting his pastry and before Wellington markets his beef.